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CVSUpdateCheck Eclipse Plugin


This plugin provides additional functionality to alert a user using CVS to changes that team members may have committed that have not been updated in the user's local copy.
The CVS functionality builtin to Eclipse 3.0 allows the user to choose suffix and icon decorations for file and folder labels in the Navigator or Package Explorer that show the current version numbers of files in CVS and whether a file has been changed locally from the version in CVS (and needs to be committed).
This plugin has been updated from its Eclipse 2.1 version to function in 3.0. Note that in 3.0 the Synchronize View also provides overlapping functionality. It is an outstanding task to integrate the information displayed by this plugin with the capabilities of the Synchronize View.


  • Icons and suffix decorations that show whether there are remote changes or conflicts that the user needs to update in the local copy.
  • Toolbar button items to turn checking on and off
  • Actions to enable and disable individual projects
  • Automatic startup of the plugin.
  • Commands that allow key bindings to the plugin's functionality (in the Workspace->Keys preferences menu).
  • A preference page that holds various options that control the plugin.
  • A bookmark that summarizes the differences between the local copy of the CVS project and that in the repository.
  • Help documentation for the plugin (under Help->Help Contents).


  • Check the plugin preferences at:
    • choose "Workbench > Label Decorations" and activate the checkbox "CVSUpdateCheck"
    • choose "Team > CVS > CVSUpdateCheck" and configure the plugin
  • make the Bookmarks View visible
  • The plugin starts the checking automatically.

Help documentation

Further help documentation is available under the CVSUpdateCheck page of Help->Help Contents menu item in Eclipse.

Outstanding issues

  • The Synchronize View provides overlapping capability, but the two plugins do not work together. They need to be integrated. In the meantime do not try to use them simultaneously.
  • If the user performs a local operation such as an CVS commit or CVS update, the CVS status icons are not updated, until the next update cycle comes along. This can be confusing and should be corrected. The workaround is to do a manual CVS status refresh using the Alt+U command.
  • If a status check is in progresss (in the background), other changes to the workspace will be delayed. This can be an annoyance, especially if the update check takes a long time because the project is large. Schedule the updates when you are not working!
  • There is no way to manually update a portion of the resource tree
  • Only Navigator and package Explorer views are refreshed
  • If Eclipse is terminated while an update is running, the shutdown will be delayed until the background job completes. Simply terminate the update manually.
  • The plugin internally uses internal Eclipse classes. It shouldn't, but it does not appear that there is sufficient CVS support in the public API at present to enable the functionality desired for this plugin without significant reimplementation.



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